A brief introduction: Snake venom is modified saliva found in snakes. It is produced by certain salivary glands. The gland that secretes this venom is a modification of a gland found on other vertebrates. On a snake this gland is usually found below the eyes under a protection of muscles. Snakes eject their venom through their fangs.

The Spitting Cobra

The Inland Taipan - the most poisonous snake in the world
Question 1: List and describe the effects of snake venom on neurotransmitters and the nervous system of the body.
There are two main types of snake venom.
  • Neurotoxins: these attack the nervous system and the brain. They shut down the respiratory system and disrupt the heart. They prevent neurotransmitter signals from being passed along the nerves.
  • Hematoxins: these mainly affect the blood. They can destroy tissue, and be very painful.
Question 2: Explain how the length of a fang affects the deadliness of a snake.
The answer to this is rather simple: snakes with small venom glands can't store as much venom, therefore they might not have enough to actually poison someone. For example, the Coral Snake has some of the most poisonous venom per drop, but its venom glands and fangs are very small, making it hard for the snake to get enough to do damage.
Question 3: What should you do if you are bitten by a snake?
  1. Do not panic. Stay calm and immobilise the area bitten.
  2. Apply a bandage but do not stop the blood from circulating
  3. Lie down and do not move the bitten area. Just wait until help arrives.

Do not
try to catch the snake. It will most likely try and bite you again.
Do not wash the wound. If you keep the venom on your arm, the doctors will be able to find the correct antivenom.
Question 4: What are some of Australia's venemous snakes?

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