Goat Island Trip 24/03/07
On our  trip to Goat Island (#1) we had two journeys, one to the island and back and one that we went out, thought, 'This is too wavy and dangerous,' and went back to the beach. We saw lots of fish. Snapper (#2), blue maomao(#3), and the red moki (#6+9). We even saw an eagle ray, (#4) which looks like a stingray, except with rounder wings. We also found in a school of very small fish, which could have been juvenile jack mackerel or something like that.(#5) We're not sure. I tried duckdiving a few times (#7). It was hard, but in the end I was victorious! When we got back after our first trip (to the island aand back) we had lunch. Me, a toasted cheese sandwich and a marmite and chip sandwich, and Ian, two large peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches, of which I had half. We each had a biscuit and a couple of small chocolate eggs. Then we went back out, in whether which wasn't that safe. So we decided to head back to land. We swam back to the beach and found a cool blowhole (#8). So, we got out cold and wet, changed, cleaned our togs and stuff, and decided to warm ourselves up. We lit a fire, but had trouble - the wind - so we put the tent shelter up. we managed to light it, so we toasted our marshmallows, and, believe it or not, jet planes (#10) which we had got from New World. (Warning - Pak'n'Save is much better than New World for jet planes and marshmallows.) But after a while our gas ran out.
So me and Ian wrestled each other for a bit. We decided to head home at about 5:00 pm so we left and stopped off at Warkwoth's K&B's for dinner (fish and chips with a lime milkshake for me and an orange one for Ian). Go back to home page.

Me and Goat Island.

A snapper.

A blue maomao.

An eagle ray

Baby jack mackerel or something like that.

Red moki (supposedly).

Duck-diving attempts


 Clearer red moki.

Burning marshmallows.