Hello and welcome to my website. I hope you all enjoy it here at Lord Alex vW. This website might not be the most advanced on the planet, but it should be good.
To my fans: I'm sorry if I haven't been changing this clip every week.
The video is Muse: Invincible. At least listen to the song, because Muse is awesome!

Funny Pics!!!
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Latest Funny Cat Pic

Me enjoying my swimming pool at home.

This is a snapper we found at Goat Island. We found other fish and rays like the blue maumau

and this eagle ray.

Funny pictures I found on the net.

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This is a link to my Snake Venom homework task I did in Year 8.

Matt Bellamy is a Zeta!!!!!!!

My Trips

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Waipu Caving Trip October 2007


Funny Cat Pictures

Funny Cat Pictures

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