Matt Bellamy is a Zeta!

I have reason to believe that Matt Bellamy of Muse is a zeta.

This is because I was recently sent an email by my good friend Hamish including lyrics to the Muse song Exo-Politics and a rather interesting picture. (The picture's at the bottom. Don't spoil it for yourself by immediately scrolling to the bottom.)

Muse is a brilliant English band from Devon, made of Matt Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard. More about the Muse band on Wikipedia,

A Zeta, on the other hand, is an extra-terrestrial being. The classic alien people imagine from the word "alien". Funny-shaped heads, large angular black eyes, anorexic, slits for noses and mouths, no ears.

Muse: Plug In Zeta!A nice Muse picture featuring Zetas. Perhaps not the best example of a Zeta though.









Muse: Exo-Politics Lyrics:

Open skies over me,
I have waited patiently,
I wait for a sign.

As conspiracies unwind,
Will you slam shut,
Or free your mind,
or stay hypnotised.

When the zetas fill the skies,
Will our leaders tell us why,
Fully loaded satelites,
We'll tell you nothing but our minds.

And I've waited patiently,
And I wait for the sign.

Carried through the centuries,
Secrets locked up,
And loaded on my back,
Well it weights me down.

When the zetas fill the skies,
It's just our leaders in disguise,
Fully loaded satelites,
We can't get nothing but our minds.

I'm waiting patiently,
And I wait for the sign. (Yeah).
I'm waiting patiently,
And I wait for the sign.


Not the best picture of Matt Bellamy, but a good one for a comparison.
Matt Bellamy non-ZetaMatt Bellamy is a zeta!!!

Anyway, I just thought that was cool and wanted to share it with everyone. The internet is brilliant. Like Muse. Definitely one of the best bands in the world. Thank you.

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P.S.: I don't actually think that, and for those of you who think it's real, it's not.